Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yesterday, worked out the arrangements with the shipper- she'll probably be delivered Thursday mid-day, to Dennis's barn, because Katie took Cammy out of the barn with 12 hours notice on Sunday. Probably being the word because... evidently, she's a tagalong on some other horse's race card, so if he doesn't race, she may or may not be coming up. In either case, she might be here someday for less than $750- is what I got out of the conversation. Insanity, right? Originally, she was coming here last night at night and would be here at about 5-6am this morning. I almost lost my mind trying to figure out what needed to be done before that happened, but have to admit I was a little disappointed, although VERY relieved, to hear the pushed back date. So, yesterday, I dragged Dennis to the grain store, where I promptly pissed off the grain person by telling her I wasn't going with her recommendations and would be going with what I thought best. Thank you, but no thank you. The barn and store owner agreed with me when the grain lady got her on the phone, but it didn't make her any happier toward me. Sherwood- the name in itself is beginning to grow on me- is going to be on Fibre Max, a high fiber and fat but low starch diet, as well as alfalfa/timothy cubes and omeprazole granules from Abler.

We got her stall and paddock all figured out, she's in Bandit's stall with a 30x30 paddock cleared out for her and baby-proofed. I went to Dover today and picked up a breakaway halter, a new groomy brush which is very soft, and a lead with shank. I went through Dennis's barn yesterday and there are no leads with shanks- and it occurred to me that he has no IDEA what's coming into his barn. I'm definitely skipping Peds if she comes during that time because... he may not be able to get her peacefully in the barn. What have to done to his sedate herd??

I'm so excited!! I could barely sleep last night, I was dreaming of sugar cubes and study buddies-  hanging out in the paddock like I used to with Dan and Mouse, but with Loki and Sherwood- and the sweet sweet things we will do together. Our first leading lesson, and our first lunging lesson. First day with the herd and off the property! So many firsts!! I'm so excited!! Anyway, must get to studying... Yeah... Right.

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