Sunday, April 28, 2013

Went looking at ponies today- had three on the schedule when I left home, and ended up riding five and watching one, and now the only one I didn't ride is the one coming home. Meet Miss Sherwood, a 4 year old mare who caught my eye on the CANTER site and was the only horse I looked at without any retraining, the only one I couldn't ride to try, and the only one who is hopping on a trailer sometime this week and COMING HOME! TO ME!!!! *Jumps up and down, clapping hands and screeching happily* Oh my oh myohmy!!

Of course, because she was the only horse I wasn't serious about, I didn't take out the camcorder or take very serious pictures, so... here's what I got on my iPhone. Mind you, they wouldn't let me past the guard house so the owner had to bring her out front to unfamiliar territory on a day of BLOWING wind, and... she was a trooper.

Okay. For posterity. The scoop:
I went, looked at her, took some shoddy pics and video to show Kristin, then left. I couldn't get her off my mind- she is just so ridiculously cute- and her owner called me 10 minutes later to say there was another woman who'd asked about her. I told him that I liked her, but he shouldn't keep her waiting for me because I wasn't sure I liked her -that- much. He was very polite and agreeable, and hung up. Five minutes after that, he called me again- I remember thinking, "Dude. What do you want, -now-??"- to tell me he really didn't like the woman, he didn't get a good feeling off her, but he'd be willing to give me the mare because he'd liked me.

God, I hope that's what actually happened bc if I get a broken down nag with ulcers and ankle chips and suspensory ligament issues, I'm just going to cry. But enough of that, she's healthy, gorgeous, firey, and her nicknames are waiting to be found. I'm partial to Lox, personally- as in Sir Locksley of Sherwood Forest. Snappy, right? We'll see what she says.

Excuse me, I have a halter, OTTB retraining books, and omeprazole to buy. Muah!

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