Sunday, April 7, 2013

Did I mention there would be stormy days ahead? Well... I called it right. An update on the shitstorm that hit just over a week ago.

A friend of Renee's called, congratulating me on my decision to purchase Remy this summer- I promptly went, "Huh? I'm buying him -next- summer!?" Which is when I found out that Renee needed him gone by June. So... I went on a frantic hunt for barns over the weekend, found a good dozen to interview, and went to see three of them. I found a nice out out in Calverton- which is further than I wanted to go, but as he's young, I figured it would be a good place for him to stretch his legs and be a horse for a year, and go trial riding on the weekends. We could postpone our eventing ambitions for one more year, right? Wrong.

Less than 5 days later, Renee texts me to tell me that she's cancelling my lease, "but I hope you enjoyed Remy while you could." I asked if I was still buying him that summer and she very snottily replied in the negative, and then refused to discuss why this decision was being made. Long story short, I'm horseless.

I promptly called my mom, who had a second of Tourette's on the phone, and then told me something I've been dying to hear for years, but has always been juuuuust out of reach- "So, are you going to look at CANTER?" YAH!!! I had my mom's blessing to go out, spend stupid amounts of money, and buy a hay-guzzling poop machine! YESSSS!!!!

I did a bunch of research, surfed on more sites for rescues and horses for sale, and now have a lovely 4 mares to look at. YAY! Kristin and I ran up to upstate NY this morning for the first, and... here's what we found:

Meet... I'm not telling you her name. She's got some issues to work on- a bit of head tossing, some right hind weakness, but for only being in work for 3 months after being a broodmare for 2 years? I'm kind of impressed. Not only that, but she's a nuclear powerhouse in disguise! This mare was uber responsive with that awesome feeling of power just waiting for a direction to go. HUGE 16.2 mare- nothing but bone for miles, and a kind eye and seemingly good mind to boot. She's going to be a tough one to beat!

Next is the chestnut in Carver, MA- bring on the mares!!

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