Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's so exciting when spring comes around- flowers bloom, you're actually happy to get up and walk the dog in the morning because... it's light out!, and... prize lists start showing up on your doorstep. Got my first one today, and although I don't have a horse yet, I'm super confident that when I do, it will be so awesome, we will head to shows immediately and rock out.

 (And by that, I mean... we might go to a show this summer, we'll probably place if there are less than 8 riders, and... have a frickin fantastic time watching all the pretty ponies- with the knowledge that even if mine may never be amazing, she's mine and that's amazing all on its own. Yay for show season!!!)

Oh yeah- good luck everyone else. May you never meet me and my significant other in the ring because we will TOTALLY ROCK YOUR SOCKS!!! But as a consolation prize, I'm sure Loki will be glad to give you a hearty lick!
I don't think I have introduced my Wonder Mutt. Everyone meet Loki aka Bob Marley aka LambShark aka Loki Lovebug aka Dirty, Stinky Dog. haha He is my 70 lb Standard Poodle who enjoys long walks anywhere, hanging out with friendly ponies, and sleeping on the couch with his stuffed pony or skunk. Oh yes. And loving up anyone who comes near him- especially little kids.

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