Thursday, May 2, 2013

Miss Sherwood came home today!! I've uploaded the video I asked Dennis to record of her getting off the trailer and being settled into her new place. Looking it over again, I'm amazed at how well-behaved she is- and she only continued to leave me stunned from there.

We had 4 people arrive at the barn about fifteen minutes after she got there, and proceed to gather round and admire her beauty, charm, wit, and... temper. While we were standing around, I stupidly got too close and when she decided to kick out at the fence because one of the boys annoyed her, my hip was in the way. Holy crap, OW! What a way to start a relationship, right?? Eh, I evidently needed the reminder that yes, although she's mine and I'm wicked excited, she is a strange horse in a new situation and... Well, I had a blonde moment and paid for it. It could have been way worse.

Anyway, about 5 minutes later, we watched (from outside the fence) as she proceeded to double barrel the fence so hard, she stunned herself into limping. I couldn't help but think, "What the HELL have I brought home?" while watching to make sure she hadn't seriously hurt herself- she's fine, thankfully, and learned a valuable lesson for about... 3 hours. At which point, she did it again and got her right hind between the rails and I thought for sure I would be saying hi and bye to my racehorse in the same day- when she broke her leg trying to get it out of the fence. Yelling calmly (or trying to, anyway) for Dennis to get out there, I watched in awe as she jerked on her leg- hanging from the fence at hock height- twice, then carefully extracted it back through without any hysterics at all and... went back to eating her hay. Sane? Or well practiced? Guess we'll find out..

Fred the Mule tried to steal her hay by sticking his nose through the fence and pulling her bucket closer to the fence. Well, he got about two bites from it before she marched over from the opposite fence, yanked her bucket away from the fence, and pushed it into the middle of her paddock. Feisty mare. 

I also found out she's going to be that horse- you know which one I'm talking about- at the show whose head is too small for its body. I bought her a full size halter and... it doesn't fit! 16.1 hands and she needs a cob size halter! We'll call it "dainty" for now, later we can discuss body proportions. :)

On the good side, we had a moment where I brought her some alfalfa cubes and my new brush- a super soft curry to get out the remains of her winter coat- and we stood there eating and brushing. I think she's going to be very sweet when she settles in- but I think she's going to be handful no matter which way you cut it.

In any case, I'm home now sitting with Loki bug with an ice pack on my hip and aloe on my sunburnt arms, thinking that... All in all, this was a good day. Tomorrow? We'll have to see when it gets here. I think working in them AM then driving to RI is going to be a bitch with this bruise. Serves me right, a lesson I won't forget for a while!

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  1. Oh boy, what a day! There are some days with Lucy where I just shake my head like, yikes, I'm glad we both survived to see tomorrow. Gotta love a TB mare! Once she figures out her routine she will probably be happier. For all she knows, she's in a new racing barn and is going to race tomorrow. She has no idea that her new life has started and she can just relax now. Best of luck!