Saturday, March 1, 2014

It has been a busy week! Got to hop on She-Beast a couple times, so took her to the reining barn indoor today. I was fully expecting a crazy girl when she got off the trailer after her 15 minute ride to the place in a dripping sweat- literally, sweated through her medium blanket and was dripping on the ground. But... I walked her out in the arena, let her calm down a bit, then took her back out to the trailer, tacked her up, and lunged her in the arena. It gave her a chance to look around a little, get out some of her energy, and re-focus back on me. Until she found the lounge window- and THEN she decided she'd rather check herself out. Too funny. LoL

She was a really good girl- the first time a horse spun near us, I thought she was going to act up, but we stopped and watched for a moment, walked around them in both direction, and... Nothing. So anticlimactic. Same with the taking off at a gallop from behind us and skidding to a halt in front/beside us. Notta. The only issue she had was when she thought she was done and I asked her to walk past the arena gate. Then she tried some of her tricks, but a quick spin headed her off and got her back on track. What a good girl!

Although she's been trying to fake her way out of the trailer on the way to places, she got right back in without any issues on the way back.. I couldn't ask for a better experience for her at a strange new place. So- what do we do now? Scare the shit out of her at Parkview tomorrow!!

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