Saturday, March 29, 2014

Show got cancelled... Boo hiss. Damned March showers!

So, remember how I mentioned that Sher ran out after a couple fences because Nicole was carrying a whip? Well, those are the only videos that came out of that day. So... when I went to the tack swap Tuesday night...

Long story short, one of the people I know from around town made a comment to me- you know, those snotty little, "I saw that video- ooohh.." with that face that just screams, "Ohh, that was so unfortunate!" Yah. So, fighting back the instant urge to either snarl at her (Um... 2nd time over fences EVER??) or come back with some snarky comment ("I'm sorry, when you decide to train your own 4yo OTTB instead of buying a dead broke 17 yo, get back to me."), instead I just blamed the whip.
Which was the problem.
And which she obviously didn't believe because she's a friend of Renee's, who blames me for "ruining" her horse by training him to be forward, fit, supple, and a lover of cross-country jumping.

Sucks when you tell someone you'll sell them your horse and back out after they've been training it for 9 months like it will be theirs... And can't ride. ;)

I guess long story long, huh?

In any case, back to Sherwood. She's coming along so nicely! I took her to the park today, taking advantage of the glorious wind-blown rainstorm weather (hah! Take that, Mother Nature! You can't stop me!!!) to get her on the trailer, to a new place, and work in relative peace. Honest to God, she was a dream. Took about 15 minute to settle, but then we W/T/C around that place like we owned it. Switched rings halfway through without a hitch, got soaking wet, did some patterns, and worked on long and low through all three gaits successfully. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Will you be mine? Will you be mine? Now- what TV show is that from??

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