Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've been sooo sick!! I took off the weekend after that last post, and then was horribly sick all last week- to the point that my mom picked me and Loki up at the ferry to take care of me. Ugh. In any case, I feel much better this week, and have a nice shiny schedule for my new rotation that worked out pretty well with daylight savings time today!

No pictures, and she was a BEAST to start off with. My sand-skiing techniques are getting really impressive. I'm pretty sure I could get a date just by showing up at Jones Beach and letting everyone see my skillz. I mean.. How many people can ski without any water, right??

So we lunged, then we worked on that damnable drain cover, then some more lunging, some bending- basically, we just kept going over the basics until she was giving in nicely- then... back to the drain cover! And back and forth it went! Until we finally were doing half-moon lunging and making the distance between a tire and the drain cover smaller and smaller until she actually was trotting over it. Still not touching it, but... I called it success and quit for the day.

Funny story? I walked into the barn to find my horse in another horse's stall, in yet a 3rd horse's blanket- which, to show how well-trained I am, I didn't even think twice about it. Oh, okay... That's interesting, but not even close to alarming... Where is her blanket? Then I saw that the horse in her stall was wearing it. So that was that. Then Dennis walked in and asked me why I was taking Jovi out for a ride. I just blinked at him for a moment, before chuckling as I realized he was joking (obvi!), "Dennis, I haven't been -that- sick! Quit fucking around... The blankets were a good effort!" And then realized he hadn't been joking.

Yup, we sat there for a good couple minutes arguing about which horse was mine- and i will take pictures of Sher and Jovi so you can see the ridiculousness of this conversation- until finally, I told him to check beneath the hood. WHich one has a package?! Yah. It wasn't the one in the aisle. LoL I'm thinking quitting carbs may have affected his brain.

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