Monday, February 17, 2014

A ride! And a hangout!

So, Friday was an awful day of weather. I didn't go into work because... The roads sucked. Instead, I went back to bed, then got up snd went to the barn. It was now 40+ out and lovely, so after mucking, I decided to work the girl in the hopes that she would be better for her lesson the next day. Lunged her for 20 minutes so she could get the kinks out, then hopped on for another 30min. Surprise surprise, she was an angel. Walked and trotted around like a doll, stopped, turned, gave me some minor head-tossing when i asked her to trot away frrom the herd, but it was easily quelched with a spin and next time, no issues. 

Then I got treated to a trip into Manhattan to hang out with Chris and his german business partners in town for the you know what germans like to do when they get to nyc? Go see a broadway play? No. Museums? No. Chic restaurants? No. They like to Shop. Macy's. DSW. I'm like... Really? Shopping. I HATE shopping. So, to sweeten the pot, Chris bought me a couple pairs of boots- one knee-high velvety soft brown leather, and three short boots, all awesome in their own right. And It did make things more tolerable. Lol 

Saturday morning, I'm thoroughly prepared to hop a train back to the island for Sher's lesson, but get a call from the barn saying they cancelled it because, essentially, my horse is too crazy for the amount of people in the arena. I was like... Fine. I get it. That sucks. And rescheduled for three weeks later, when hopefully, it would be quieter. And then proceeded to pout for a good hour or so. My horse is too crazy to be ridden with other horses? Damn. Kristin would just about die laughing if she heard that. And Nicole. And just about anyone else who had ever seen her before that lesson. Ugh..

So... I went in search of an indoor to go practice in in the meantime, and found a semi-private one owned by a guy who breeds reining horses- right up the road! I explained what I was looking for, and he said he thought we could work something out. So... We're headed up there Saturday next weekend to go check it out. Who knows? Maybe we'll throw some reining lessons under our belt! Haha

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