Sunday, April 6, 2014

We went to the park yesterday- trailered her in and out, lunged, and rode. She was Highhh!! LoL Just wouldn't settle in consistently, nearly got me off when she leapt up, forward, and sideways going into the ring. Over nothing, of course- just because she could. haha

I won't lie. I love my mare to pieces. She's really pretty special- a big baby, a huge lovebug, but such a brat sometimes.

And something that's been bothering me a little- her funky head!! She's got this beautiful petite little cob size head (on a 16.1 TB) with a horse size brow. It's ridiculous. Cob bridles fit perfectly everywhere but her forehead! LoL She's definitely the Sakura of the barn. And if you get that reference, give yourself 2 pts! haha

So... today, I decided I was going to take this as a blessing in disguise. I have always wanted to buy those pretty decorated browbands, but refused to spend the money for something I didn't really need. Well... I need one. haha My first purchase? A Vespucci hunter browband- horse sized- perhaps with some brass clincher action. I LOVE that look. Pearls and crystals are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but clinchers are understated elegance. With that big perfect star of hers? She will look gorgeous in a sweetheart browband. Oh my, she will have more browbands than I know what to do with by the time I'm done. LoL And her birthday was Monday, so I think maybe we should get her one for her bday, yah?

In any case, went to the IHA Bohemia cleanup today and... made friends!! Or at least will know some people when I go to shows this summer. It's so exciting! I worked with Phil, Gage and Gavin most of the day, but got to chat with some english and western pleasure people and hang out with the James' and Zackmans' gymkhana friends. It was a lot of fun, even though I was definitely sweating at a couple points! haha And the riding center looks SOOOOO much better. We did a great job!

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