Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big Doings!

Haven't had time to post in a while. Been working 7 hour shifts at a peds office and running to the barn in any spare time because it's beautiful out! Sherwood was lame for a week with what I thought was a stone bruise and now know to be a skillful faking-lame act.

Dennis and I got her on a trailer and buckled in, now we need to do it again.

I found her a trainer! One i can afford to have come by and ride more than once a week... And be a friend. NICOLE!! We went for our first trail ride today and she was fantastic. We encountered deer, other riders on horses, walkers, dogs behind fences, and there was some snorting, some head-tossing, so jigging, but... No spooking, bolting, bucking, rearing, etc. She was a dream! Love my mare!

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