Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's been insane- just finished up a 4-week whirlwind in the Brooklyn Emergency Department and although I'm excited to get back to a schedule where I Can get to the barn on a regular basis, it's a little sad to leave behind all the new people I've met. C'est la vie...

In light of the insane schedule I was keeping, Sherwood has actually been sitting around and I've seen the full extent of... Bored Mare Behavior. I hopped on after a week or so of not getting there and should have known better from the antics in the aisle and on the lunge. We're still lunging for 15 minutes before every ride, but I think she may be getting balanced enough to hold a controlled canter in both directions under saddle! So, next ride, I will update you on that. I was going to try on Sunday, but between the Car Show down the street- think loudspeakers, blaring carnival rides, and growling muscle car engines- and the Bouncy House for a Christening party next door, I figured maybe we'd wait.

Her topline is really starting to fill out, and although she's still not engaged on the bit even half the time, steering and halting has become much more dependable (always a good thing!). She's even starting to get the idea of bending around corners and going long and low at the trot- on the straightaway OR with direction changes.

She is truly a great mare- every day I deal with her, I thank the Big Guy in the Sky for watching out for me because she is just fantastic. The bouncy House? One look and it's not a big deal. The muscle cars burning rubber down the street? A quick flinch but then onto other work. I don't know many four year olds who are as relaxed as she is. I just bought my trail and ring pass to Bohemia!! So now, as soon as I figure out how to get her to walk on and stay on a trailer (she gets on fine but backs right off immediately... grr), we can go play in the park! Which is really exciting because I've been getting trailer driving lessons and have use of a truck and trailer when I need it. So... yay for fall trail rides!

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